About Us

About Us

South Link Health Services

South Link Health Services is an independent entity and subsidiary of IPA South Link Health.  The limited liability company was formed to purchase and operate general practices so general practitioners can focus on clinical care.  The entity was formed in 2010, in response to an overwhelmingly positive response to a survey seeking expressions of interest to purchase equity in practices.

South Link Health Services is a company wholly owned by the South Link Education Trust; it contracts to South Link Health to fulfil all its practice management functions.

What we offer

South Link Health Services was established to provide health sector clients with all aspects of Practice Management, under a purchase of equity agreement. The functions may be summarised under the broad areas of;

  • HR / Recruitment
  • Financial services
  • IT management and services
  • Investment in facilities, equipment and technology
  • Membership of a  network providing advocacy / purchasing power / autonomy as a clinician, and partnership with a reputable and experienced organisation